Having a Sterile HOUSE is the Dream of every individual. But In spite of your tireless efforts are you sure that your house is hygienically cleaned to safe your loved ones from the various allergies and viruses. For Creatures u can’t even see dust mites can stir up a lot of trouble.

Home is the permanent destination of every one of us in everyday life. We spend almost 60% percent of the time at home, rest 40% at work place, school or colleges. So, home is the place where we feel secured, safe and relieved. But have you ever thought if your HOUSE is polluted or not??

  • “Every day counts Live Healthier life today”

Many would not even realize that their house can also act as an inducer for diseases. Hence one needs to be aware of such happening and be preventive in order to stay fit and healthy.

About millions of people are allergic to these little bugs.  Dust mites are nearly everywhere; roughly four out of five homes across UAE have detectable levels of dust mite allergen in at least one bed…” It sounds nasty but it’s true.

Just thinking of these dust mites living in your mattress and pillows eating your dead skin is not enough to make you sick. There are a major cause of asthma, Eczema, allergies and more. Especially in vulnerable individuals such as children and the elderly.

  • The unsaid truth of life: “People don’t change when they are given an option…..

                                                                  They change when they have no other option……..”

Honestly a small thing can make a big difference. Oriental professionals are family run COMPANY located in UAE. We are committed to use the highest quality cleaning products that protect and respect the health of your family.

With so many cleaning COMPANIES operating in UAE, choosing the best cleaning company for u might feel like a daunty process. Let us put your mind to ease, as we provide Professional steam cleaning, dry vacuuming services to restore and refresh your mattress carpet and upholstery. You get the best result as we use premium European solutions that give an impeccable result.

Our cleaning solution is biodegradable, nontoxic fragrance free and 100% safe for infants and adults. Our bacteria free service can be at your door step as per your convince in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and across UAE. Evening hours and weekends as well.