Dust mites – Oriental solution

Oriental Professionals, the first hypoallergenic lifestyle concept in the Middle East, has been launched in a bid to help the rising rates of allergy sufferers in the region.  We have taken a step to provide improve quality of life for those struggling with allergy symptoms.

Very quickly (6 months) a new mattress will become home to a host of horrors. The scientifically proven system of cleaning and sanitizing a mattress is natural, dry and nontoxic. Dust mites, their excrement and dead skin flakes are effectively removed by a high powered vacuum unit; simultaneously a UVC (germicide) ray kills virus, bacteria, mould spores and anything else that might be residing in the mattress.

The service is completed with a non-toxic sanitizing spray that can kill dust mite, mould spores, virus and bacteria – and also neutralizes odor. The bed can be made within minutes of the clean being completed. Importantly our system is dry and nontoxic and a real bonus where there have been smokers.

The mattress is sanitized whilst it remains in its normal position and the process leaves your mattress fresh and hygienic.

If you have a child or pet that has soiled the mattress we can eliminate any bacteria and mould that may have formed and deodorize with our special urine stain and odor treatment. Even a new mattress can quickly become one of the dirtiest items in the home and a HEALTH risk.

The Oriental Professionals Cleaning System is your healthy solution as it is dry and nontoxic.

This cleaning PROCEDURE is done by our dealers, who operate as follows:

The customer contacts the dealer

The dealer makes an appointment.

The dealer, or an EMPLOYEE of the dealer, pays the customer a visit on the agreed date and time, and cleans the mattresses with our specialized equipment.

After the cleaning, our dealer will take all the dirt with him and will leave a clean bedroom behind.

The mattress of the customer is immediately ready for use.

Solutions Provided for:

Mattress, Carpets, Arm Chairs, Curtains, Sofa couch, Stain Removal, Kills Odor

“Health is not valued till sickness comes”

“Care for your BODY as you care for your home, and care for your home as you care for your body.”